Pure & Thimble - About our Designs

Pure & Thimble have access to a wonderful, talented and creative Designer located in New Zealand.   When you order a beautiful blanket from us you may choose any existing design that you see anywhere on our Website or our Facebook page or create your own colour combination by mentioning your colour choices when ordering.

All designs & images can be used on any style and size of blanket, the only exception is that large images (Tiger, Lion, Robot etc) cannot be used on the wrap sets however you may still have small images on those if required.

Please take the time to consider your design carefully prior to contacting me, whilst the designer is happy to make one or two MINOR changes to the design Proof (i.e.: change a colour, altering spelling, adding/removing an image etc.) to ensure you're happy, any MAJOR changes that require the designer to start again will incur an additional $15 design fee.

Naturally it's impossible to have every design combination listed on our website so don't forget to check out the photo albums on our Facebook page where you'll see more creations.  Feel free to send us a photo of your nursery if you would like our designer to customise a colour scheme to match. 

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